Location 2023

The 19th edition of the Filmtett Workshop will take place at the Pásztortűz Guesthouse in Sânvăsii, Mureș county, between July 30 and August 10.

Pásztortűz Panzió, Nyárádszentlászló / Sânvăsii

The village was first mentioned in an official document in 1332 under the name Sancto Ladislao. According to tradition, King Ladislaus I of Hungary pitched his tent here during a hunt, but another legend holds that a monastery founded by him originally stood here – this explains the name of the settlement. In 1968, the village center merged with Gălești. Since April 2004, it has been an independent settlement again – it won its independence through a local referendum.

Sânvăsii is located 18 km south of Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș). It is located on the right bank of the Niraj river. The enchanting village nestled among gentle hills is inhabited by friendly and hospitable people.

Top sights:

  • The Unitarian church of the village was consecrated in the 1200s in honor of Saint László (Ladislaus I, also known as Saint Ladislas). The church was built in the Gothic style. Its frescoes date from 1497 and were discovered in 1896. Its tower was also built in the 1490s, under it is the tomb of the Sigér family, where the treasurer Mátyás Sigér also rests.
  • Sigér Castle was already in ruins at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Festival appearances


  • Hexagonia

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2016 | No sub.

    Director: Kiss Melinda, Farkas Réka

  • System

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 3 minutes | 2013 | No sub.

    Director: Máthé Botond

  • Transylvania is Too Far Away

    Short feature | Hungary-Romania | 5 minutes | 2007 | No sub.

    Director: Veress István

  • Bedtime Story

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2008 | No sub.

    Director: Kassay Réka

  • Signal 2003

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2003 | No sub.

    Director: Balázs Zoltán

  • Rain Party

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 3 minutes | 2021 | No sub.

    Director: Lokodi Melinda

  • Animációs etűdök

    Animation | Romania-Hungary | 2015 | No sub.

    Director: Patrovits Tamás, Bertóti Attila, Debreczeni Zoltán

  • Destructive Frequency

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2005 | No sub.

    Director: Lajos Lehel

  • Corpo

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2011 | No sub.

    Director: Balázs Klára

  • Dam Keeper

    Short feature | Hungary-Romania | 3 minutes | 2009 | No sub.

    Director: Bíró Boróka