screenwriter-director group

Csoma Sándor (screenwriter-director group)

Sándor Csoma is a film director and screenwriter. His short films, Tabula rasa (2015) and Nothing Happened (2017) were shown at several international festivals and received recognition. His work Casting, made in 2019, was awarded nearly thirty prizes worldwide, won the film critics' prize in Hungary, and was chosen as the best short film of the year by the members of the Hungarian Film Academy. In 2020, his work was recognized with the Sándor Sára Award.

His first feature film, Heights and Depths, received support from the Incubator Program of the National Film Institute, presents the mourning process of the wife of mountaineer Zsolt Erőss. The film was screened with great success in Hungary and in Romania as well. It was awarded the Best Debut Film and Best Cinematography awards of 2022 by the film critics.

He teaches filmmaking at MATE's Rippl-Rónai Art Institute and at the Babeș-Bolyai University.

script development workshop

Szántó Fanni (script development workshop)

Screenwriter, dramaturg. In 2016, she obtained a master's degree in film dramaturgy at the University of Theatre and Film Arts. Her first full-length work, Wild Roots, debuted at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2021. In 2020, she was a member of the writing team of the weekly drama series Mellékhatás. She worked as a dramaturg for HBO and contributed to several feature films. In the 20222023 academic year, she teaches screenwriting at the Lumiére Film School and at the Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts at the University of Kaposvár.



Hajdu Szabolcs (actors)

Film director and actor. He was born on January 26, 1972 in Debrecen. He studied in the famous Simó class at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest, and has been working as an actor since the 90s. After two short films, in 2000 he made his first feature film entitled Macerás ügyek, which in 2003 won the award for the best first film of the Hungarian Film Week. Since then, his feature films - including Tamara, White Palms, Bibliotheque Pascal, Mirage, It's not the Time of My Life and most recently Treasure City - have been screened and awarded at many international festivals.


Bertóti Attila (animation)

He was born in 1985 in Baia Mare. Between 2004 and 2009, he was a student of Sapientia University, obtained a director's diploma in the department of photography, film and media in Cluj, and then completed the animation master's course at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. He works as an animation director and animator. His work Ariadné's Thread won the short film prize of the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival in 2009, and his diploma work Mese competed in Annecy, among others, and won the main prize of the Filmtettfeszt in 2015.

His films:

Ariadne's Thread (2009); Tale (2014); The Kingdom of Cornel (2017); Ethno-zoom (2020)

Contributions as animator: Rabbit and Deer (2013, director: Péter Vácz), Cosmic Jacuzzi (2015, director: Anikó Takács), Bond (2016, director: Judit Wunder), Dear John (2016, director: Péter Vácz), Broken Things (2018, dir. Panni Gyulai), Your Father (2021, dir. Anita Kühnel Szabó)


Egely Katalin (animation)

Katalin received a degree in animation in 2013 from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary.

Besides short films and animated scenes for movies, her focus is primarily on music videos. Music videos are especially inspiring for her because instead of narrative story-telling she can create visual poetry based on associative images.

She also likes to work on animated documentary films because with animation it’s possible to express the more subjective parts of a narrative.


Szabó Szonja (producer)

Szonja is a European writer and film director living and working in Budapest, Hungary. She was born in 1983. She has written and directed several short films and documentaries, many of those have been screened at international film festivals worldwide. She has directed popular TV-series along with music videos in Hungary.


Iványi Petra (producer)

Producer. She began her career as a sociologist, has been making short and full-length Hungarian feature films for more than ten years, and is at home in low-budget productions as well as international large-scale productions. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out (2019) has been a milestone in her career, and her first two films are about to be released, the sci-fi Látom, amit látsz (dir. Mátyás Szabó) and the absurd romantic comedy Cicaverzum (dir. Rozália Szeleczki). She is currently preparing Borbála Nagy's co-production feature film The Origin of the World. Petra is an EAVE alumna and EFA member.

Péli Sári

director of photography

Bántó Csaba (director of photography)

Director of photography. He obtained a degree in cinematography at Sapientia University, and then a master's degree at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest. In addition to several documentaries and television films, as well as festival-favorite short films (e.g. Two Lines, Welcome, Living Fragment), he was the director of photography for It's Not The Time of My Life, Treasure City and Give Me Shelter. He himself participated in the camp several times as a member of the DoP group, but this year he will be the co-mentor of the group for the ninth time.


Czakó Judit (editors)

Three-time Arany Olló and Béla Balázs award-winning editor. She was born in 1977 in Budapest. In high school, she majored in mass communication and studied photography, journalism and editing. It was here that she first encountered editing work, and already at the age of 16 she decided to either become a math teacher or a film editor. She often collaborates with Zsombor Dyga, Csaba Bollók, László Csáki, Károly Ujj Mészáros and György Pálfi. She is also known as the editor of several award-winning animated films. Most recently, she worked on the editing of the animation White Plastic Sky, which was included in the competition program of the Berlinale.

She worked as an editor in the films Question in Details, Couch Surf, Liza, the Fox-Fairy and Holy Dilemma.



Gorácz Vanda (editors)

Editor. In 2016, she graduated from the editing department of the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. Among others, she is the editor of the short film Beautiful Figure (the film was nominated for a Student Oscar in 2016). She returns to the Filmtett workshop as Judit Czakó's assistant: a few years ago she was an enthusiastic "student" of the editing team.

Székely Tamás

Lente Viktor

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Festival appearances


  • Pillowface

    Short feature | Hungary-Romania | 11 minutes | 2017 | No sub.

    Director: Vácz Péter

  • Foot-story

    Short feature | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2002 | No sub.

    Director: Pünkösti Laura

  • Fugue

    Short feature | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2003 | No sub.

    Director: Halmen Krisztina

  • Phobiarium

    Animation, educational | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2010 | No sub.

    Director: Kádár Melinda

  • What's It?

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 1 minute | 2003 | No sub.

    Director: Bredár Sebestyén

  • The Big Catch

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2010 | No sub.

    Director: Vodál Vera

  • Stop

    Short feature | Hungary-Romania | 5 minutes | 2005 | No sub.

    Director: Csertán Ákos

  • Who's The One?

    Drama, short feature, romance | Hungary-Romania | 2010 | No sub.

    Director: Oláh-Badi Levente

  • The Deed

    Drama, short film | Hungary-Romania | 18 minutes | 2013 | No sub.

    Director: Pálffy Tibor

  • Keep it cold!

    Animation | Hungary-Romania | 2 minutes | 2006 | No sub.

    Director: Varga Szabolcs